About us

County  Center for  Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture is a public cultural institution under  the authority of Braila County  Council, which initiates and carries out cultural projects and programs in the field of traditional culture of lifelong learning, consistently pursuing:


  • the protection and treasuring representative values ​​of popular contemporary creations, constituting the base of data and values;
  • the elaboration programs for the recovery of traditions, in order to stimulate creativity in all genres of performing unprofessional arts;
  • the initiation of supportting and affirmation projects for the creators and performers of popular and authentic tradition, protecting against distortions and falsifications;
  • the promotion of multiculturalism and protection of minority cultures;
  • the elaboration of attractive and useful projects of continuing education;
  • the development of cultural knowledge activities for youth and promotting projects to meet these needs;
  • the revitalization and promotion of traditional crafts and trades and support those who are practicing them (artisans and craftsmen etc);
  • the stimulation of the perpetuation and value of cultural traditions and customs;

A well-known saying lights  this: “Who does not know his past can not build his future” – an additional argument to justify, if needed, the necessity of returning to tradition.


County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture develops training projects for young unemployed people wanting thus to contribute to the implementation of concepts such as adult education and continuing education, activity which is being developed  in partnership with other specialized institutions.


The successful implementation of Phare projects, which were aimed at creating an appropriate training offer for the needs of young unemployed people, according to labor market requirements and counseling in order to initiate business in the field of textile processing and ceramics modeling, which had as a result the founding of the workshop  whose purpose is to revitalize the traditional textiles and a pottery workshop,too.