In the spring of 1997, when Braila’s  cultural activity recorded a slight decline,  at the initiative of the County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, was founded Women’s Choir “Camerata”.

The conducting baton was given to teacher Moise Paraschiva, the music reviewer of the institution.

Why a women choir? Because they have responded in large numbers to the challenge. It was welcome the appearance of this choir, a reply for “Harmony” the men’s choir, a choir which belonged to  the County Culture House, the only choir then active with quality public events. Choral activity in the city and county was amplified, completed, enriched by then, stimulating the upside perspective value.

Bringing together about 40 members of all ages and social categories (students, employed, housewives, retired women …) young and less young but  young hearted and possesing a generous soul, this heterogeneous structure is homogenized through a crucial thing in common – a passion for chorus, the desire to enjoy the beauty of choral singing.

In the course of time, the choir accumulated a repertoire of about 70 songs, choral miniature prevailled  with a clear thematic, structural variety and remarkable focus on expressive interpretation.

It was made CD entitled “Sing with us”, which includes representative pieces from the repertoire.

It was presented  on National TV, TVRM, N24.

The choir still continues singing with passion, with dedication.


The choir’s conductor:

Paraschiva Moise – teacher (retired)


Geanina Ghionea – teacher

Madalina Claudia Danila – student of the Arts High school

The choir’s members:

Eugenia Avramescu – technical designer (retired)

Irodia Barbu – courier (retired)

Angela Balan – accountant (retired)

Vasilica Boldeanu – functionary (retired)

Geta Borteanu – teacher

Magdalena Botea – teacher (pensionara)

Gherghina Caragata – teacher

Neaga Caraman – secretary-typist (retired)

Mariana Chirman – teacher

Georgeta Ciuclaru – technician constructor (retired)

Mihaela – Ligia Constantin – teacher

Ionela Danciuc – student

Ana-Maria Dorobantu – chimist – medical tests

Ecaterina Ene – teacher

Florina Eremia – teacher

Roxana Florea – student

Leonarda Ghet – teacher

Florentina Giuglea – housekeeper

Alina Elena Gurgu – student

Nedelea Gurgu – economist (retired)

Valentina Iancu – teacher

Daniela Ilie – teacher

The conductor of “Camerata” Women’s Choir

Native from Braila, after graduating in 1957, Ciprian Porumbescu-Conservatoire of Music – from Bucharest, Faculty of Composition – Conducting – Teaching and Pedagogy Department and being  declared Arts Diplomat –specialty- music teacher and choir conductor, Moise Paraschiva chose to practice in his hometown considering that she belongs here because, at that time, the educational system suffered a lack of qualified music teachers. As professional training, Moise Paraschiva is the product of talented musicians, prestigious professors like George Breazul, Dumitru D. Botez, Ioan D. Vicol, Dragos Alexandrescu, Emilia Comisel, Alexandru Pascanu.

The professional activity with two distinct but complementary sides – teacher and conductor, we consider useful to be signaled through less titles, diplomas and medals. It is necessary to be outlined concrete results of Braila’s female choir. Thus, from teaching, between 1960 – 1970 as Director of the       School of Arts, and then, between 1970 – 1985 of the Pedagogical High school and then of  the High school of Arts, through the so-called theoretical courses as: theory – solfeggio, harmony, choral vocal technique culture , choral conducting … has trained several generations of young and less young people gifted and dedicated  to coral music that become exponents with initiative, building  up solid knowledge and skills, able to transmit to those who come in this musical field, the passion for the art of choral music. There are still today talented choir singers, a product of this distant period.

We consider this an unseen face of conducting activity, this contribution indirectly -from culise- as substantial and fundamental to maintain, perpetuate and continue the tradition of choral in Braila.

As conductor, Paraschiva Moise highlighted by the assertion of school choirs, bands centers, union, cultural houses … with outstanding results in competitions and other concerts and performances. He also conducted advisory work, methodical and specialty practice for conductors in the county, polarizing around her the most valuable people. Her teaching paper for the Ist degree, getting the maximum grade, discusses issues of choral conducting and the notion of amateur choir, which, through the received training and the practical experience, it is not far from being professional.

Today, she instructs her soul choir, the female choir, the raw of her activity. Believe us, many of the choir members have been her students, instructing others.